Get a domain and build your own website

Thanks to html5, nowadays it’s relatively easy to build a personal website. If you prefer blogging system, Wordpress is still a good choice. Here are a few steps on building your own website (independent domain):

Get a domain

There are many domain service provides: 1&1,, Godaddy, bigrock, namesilo, namecheap… I have some domains from Godaddy, which seems to be one of the largest domain providers. Another provider, NameSilo, is my favourite, because they have a fixed cheap price (not from like others who provide atttracting price only for the first year). Apart from that, they also provide free WHOIS privacy protect. A domain normally cost < 10 bucks a year, which is quite affordable. Here are some coupons to get even cheaper:


  • new .com domain: 0.99 1st yr; then 9.99/yr (code: CJCSIGLERC or jeff149 or CJCRMN99U); one per account
  • 87% off .com domains (cjcrmn2cp), 7.69/yr; one per account
  • 72% off .org domains (cjcrmnorg), only 4.99/yr; one per account

BigRock Prices (for 1st year; no code)

  • .net: 4.90
  • .org: 3.99
  • .biz: 2.99

Namesilo (fixed price for each year)

  • 1$ off for new orders (code: “NETCHEAP” / “1-free” / “RETMENOT”)
  • .com 8.99
  • .net 9.29
  • .org 9.19
  • .biz 9.99

Build your website

You can choose the building system according to your purpose. Besides the ‘WYSIWYG’ (what you see is what you get 所见即所得) website builder provided by many companys, there are also self-controlled ones:

  • Blogging: Wordpress / jelyll / Tumblr / Blogger etc.
  • Forum: Discuz
  • Simple website: html 5

Find a hosting service

It’s a place where your content will always be online. Normally you can find such service from your domain provider. If you use Blogger, Tumblr or others, you can save such cost.

Keep updating and posting

As you publish your website, be ready to take your time for maintaining and updating.

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