4s wifi greyed out and battery drains faster

Finally after 2 years and 7 months something goes wrong with my beloved iPhone 4s: the wifi button is greyed out and unclickable.

I searched on the internet and found this is a common problem for iPhone 4s. Apple provides official solutions on their website, which includes updating to the latest version of iOS and resetting network settings. I have tried both, but it’s not working.

Then I found tht some people figured out several weird solutions:

  • keep the phone in the fridge for 15 min, which is only temporarily effective;
  • power off and take out the sim card, and then power on;
  • turn on the LED flash for a long time;
  • remove the back cover and blow area around the camera for 10-15 min using a hair dryer;
  • replace the wifi chip

I have tried all the first 3 ways but got nothing improved. Then I found another big issue: the battery drains very quickly, even just standby at the Airplane mode!! Here is a measurement:

|+++ | Time | |Battery |-|- |0:00| |100% |4:30| |83% |7:00| |67% |10:40| |47% |18:00| |0%

You see the battery will not last for 24 hours even at Airplane mode. When I turne on 3G probably will be only for 10 hours.

Perhaps it’s time to get a new iPone 6s(+)? Or I will wait for the upcoming iOS 9 (Still available for iPhone 4s, incredible! How robust it is!).

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