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Switching from Journey to Joplin for note-taking using Markdown

I thought the Journey app will be my ultimate note-taking tool across laptop and mobile, but I was wrong after they updted it.

I just bought the Journey Premium for Android several months ago and subscribed to Journey.Cloud in January, then they updated the app with default rich text formatting. As a markdown user and plain text lover I really felt uncomfortable to write and edit.

Besides, the start-up of the app is getting slow and copy-paste across different applications become a huge pain (Yes, I often wrote a note in Journey and then publish it with Hugo).

Then I started looking for alternative note-taking apps, again. I just need an cross-platform application that can render multiple markdown files with search function, ideally also supports cloud sync. Then I found Notable, which looks very promising. The author also compared several apps, obviously that drived him to build a new one. Unfortunately there is no mobile app yet but I will keep my eyes on the progress.

Then there is the Joplin, an open-source tool with simple (needs to be polished in some views) UI but rich functions. There is also a WebClipper. After a simple test I think this is what I will stay on.


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