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Pi Zero Musicbox

Use my Raspberry Pi Zero WH as an internet radio and music player.

Bought my Raspberry Pi Zero WH for about 3 years but never used it for anything. Recently found the Pi MusicBox project and just give it a try. Although the project is no longer maintained and doesn’t support Pi 4 and the new Zero W 2 but at least it looks good for the original Pi Zero.

One just needs:

  • RPi Zero W or WH
  • 5V power supply
  • micro SD card from 1GB
  • micro USB OTG cable
  • USB soundcard
  • one speaker
  • (optional) Spotify Premium account, Google Music or SoundCloud account

And it’s pretty straightforward to make the system:

format the SD card – download Pi MusicBox image – burn the image – configure WIFI access – run Pi and configure

To set the wifi connection just edit the config/settings.ini

# --------------------
# | Network Settings |
# --------------------
# Settings for your WiFi network, if you use a (supported) wifi-dongle
# Only supports WPA security, no WEP or access points without security (dive into the command line for that!)
wifi_network = 
wifi_password = 
# Optionally set the wifi region for correct regulatory configuration (available channels etc.)
# Use the ISO / IEC 3166 alpha2 country code, e.g. wifi_country = GB
wifi_country = 

The default remote login is root/musicbox

on Mac there will be shared network called “MusicBox Share” and there is a Music folder where we can put music files in (supports MP3/OGG/FLAC/AAC)

To control the music player we need to access Pi via IP address:

One can browse and search streaming channels and save as favourites

Browse Streams Search

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