Featured image of post Building log for PinWei-DE

Building log for PinWei-DE

Building log:

  • 26/03: change product page layout: description moved to content; add img hover effect
  • 25/03: add payment options (PayPal and Alipay / Unionpay)
  • 24/03: copy cart details to from; modify footer
  • 20/03: create invoice template and stampe
  • 12/03: add ‘afterAdd’ for simpleCart: alert combined with Bootbox; add qrcode for each product (qrcode.js) and social buttons
  • 10/03: add ‘related products’
  • 03/03: add ‘parcel tracking’ page
  • 29/02: modify ‘checkout’ page. Since gh-pages doesn’t php (automatic send order to email), switch to a normal form submission
  • 24/02: main repo shift to Bitbucket, leave _site on github
  • 12/02: domain name and building based on jekyll
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