Blackberry Wifi Sharing

Setup wifi sharing on Blackberry 10 devices.

Phone: BB Passport Silver

OS: BB 10.3.2

On your BB

  1. Go to Settings - Storage and Access - Access using Wi-Fi to ON and set a password (>= 6 characters)

  2. Following click Identification on Network - Username: remember the username

  3. Check IP address: Settings - Networks and Connections - Wi-Fi - Advanced - Diagnostic Information dropdown - Internet Connection - IP Address

On your Mac

  1. Go to Finder - CMD + K - use smb://IP-address

  2. Enter the Username and previously set password

  3. You will have the access to internal storage (“media”) or SDHC card.


  1. For internal storage, there are several folders


Now you can view and eidt files on your BB.

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