Cambridge to Frankfurt (main) Transportation

Ways to travel between Cambridge, UK and Frankfurt, Germany.

Flight + Train: Frankfurt airport to London Heathrow

  • Lufthansa: Frankfurt @Terminal 1; Heathrow @ Terminal 2
  • British Airways: Frankfurt @Terminal 2 (needs bus/skyline transfer to train station); Heathrow @Terminal 5 (extra time and less frequent tubes). NO FREE DRINK OR SNACKS ON THE PLANE!
  • London Heathrow to Cambridge: Picadilly line from Terminal 2/5 to Holborn (~50 min) –> Central line from Holborn to Liverpool Street (10 min) –> Train from Liverpool Street to Cambridge (Trainline advanced single 6£; 1h 15min)

Flight + Train

  • Cambridge to London Stansted (30min)
  • Stansted to Stuttgart/Dortmund/Duesseldorf/Cologne
  • Airport to Central Train Station
  • DB train to Frankfurt (2-3 hours)


  • Cambridge to Liverpool Street –> to Victoria –> to Victoria Coach Station
  • FlixBus N80: 20:30 London –> 7:30 Duesseldorf
  • DB Train to Frankfurt (; 2 hours)

Train + train

  • EuroStar London St. Pancras to Brussels –> DB to Frankfurt
  • London to Paris –> to Frankfurt
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