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GBA Backlight mod notes

Have done a few GBA backlight mods. Here are some notes on the differences.

There are more detailed comparisons from makho’s Backlight Mod Notes. I have made some of them and there are huge differences:

gba mod screens

mod Soldering Custom Lens Pixel Grid Multi-Brightness Adjust Potentiometer Color Temp. Power Consumption
AGS-101 yes no yes no yes warm very low
ITA (DSi) no no yes touch yes neutral low
IPS V2 optional yes no optional button no neutral high
Drop-in IPS no no no touch no cold very high

The FunnyPlaying ITA kit uses the DSi lower screen, which has the same display size and same resolution as AGS-101 but without ghosting, and with brighter better colors. I have been playing it quite often recently and satisfactory. However, it does require a bit of shell cutting also on the speaker side to host the screen ribon cable. Compared to IPS V2 the viewing angel is not that great and response time is a bit longer.

dsi vs ips

Besides the above differences, the kits also result in different weights being AGS-101 mod the heaviest > ITA > IPS V2 > Drop-in IPS.

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