My PhD defense: hints and questions

Defense for the title Dr. rer. nat.

I had four examiners of different field: parasitology, biochemistry, genetics and veterinary physiology (all male).

Hints for your persentation

  • Presentation time: 20-30 min; the best will be 25-30 min but never exceed 30 min
  • Avoid saying ‘we did’ ‘we have’; instead it should be ‘I did’ because this is your work
  • Talk as clearly as possible

Sum of questions


  • advantage of schistosomes over other hermaphodatic trematode (higher efficiency in reproduction)
  • RNA-Seq compared to other transcriptome approaches i.e. microarray, SAGE
  • function of hypothetical proteins in the gonads if they are gonad-enriched
  • comparison to other gonad transcriptome studies

Vet Physiology

  • capacitative Ca2+ entry (store-mediated)
  • what are the vitelline cells used for


  • autosomes, sex chromosome
  • genome size and number of genes (human, schisto)
  • alternative splicing (ratio, examples)
  • rRNA, ribosome
  • proteome possibility


  • origin of autofluorescence
  • metabolic pathways in the vitelline cells
  • RNA-Seq technology
  • stored mRNA
  • data validation methods (qPCR)
  • ways for gene function prediction
  • CPEB function
  • phosphotase and kinase

PhD is not a final end. Keep learning!

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