PSP GO install CFW short notes

PSP GO install CFW short notes

Short notes on upgrading PSP GO, install latest CFW, and permanent with Infinity 2.

Upgrade to 6.61

  • Put 6.61 Official FW in PSP/GAME/UPDATE
  • System Update –> Update via Storage Media
  • Remove UPDATE folder

Pro-C and Infinity 2.0

  • Put Pro-C2 files in internal storage (copy PSP/ and setplugin/)
  • Put Infinity 2.0 program to PSP/GAME/UPDATE
  • Run Pro-C UPDATE
  • Run Infinity 2; will reboot
  • Run Pro-C Fast Recovery; Open Infinity again, Slide to Left to select Pro-C

Remove Infinity

  • Install ChromoSwitcher_7_0
  • Put Official FW (same version as current one) to PSP/GAME/UPDATE
  • run ChronoSwitcher
  • system will update to the version

6.60/6.60 PRO-C Infinity Pause Game

  • Press SELECT and Select “Recovery menu”
  • Under “Configuration” disable “Preventing Hibernation Deletion”
  • You can now use Pause and Restore Games on GO
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