Lovely update on Amazon Echo

Now there are browsers available!

Amazon just released new series of Echo products: new Echo Dot, new Echo Plus, and new Echo Show, along with some updates on the echo “system”. The most significant improvement is that now you can browse the web on echo show (including the old one) using two browsers: Silk and Firefox. The best benefit is that we can now watch YouTube on echo show. WoW!

Another interesting feature is the “Whispered speech”, which makes Alexa more “human”.

Sadly Amazon doesn’t offer the option to update our old Echo Show to the newer one.

Apart from that, the new Prime crediting system is also great. For 69 Euros a year we can also get 3% off of all amazon products (1 euro = 3 points) and no fee (normally 20 euros/year) on the credit card. Plus the fast shipping, music streaming and videos. Kind of addicted to their ecosystem.

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