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Use Git

A list of basic git commands.

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Basic usage of the commonly-used version control system git.

Create a new Git repository

cd <directory>
git init

Inspects the contents in the directory and staging area

git status

Add files from working directory to staging area

git add <filename>
git add *

Modify the file

Show difference between working directory and staging area

git diff

Commit the changes

git commit -m "Message"

Show allp revious commits

git log

Show the most recent commit

git show HEAD

Restore the file in the working directory to the previous staging version

git checkout HEAD <filename>

Unstage a file

git reset HEAD <filename>

Return to a previous stage

git reset <SHA first 7 characters>

Check branchs (* indicates the current one)

git branch

Create a new branch

git branch <branch name>

Switch to another branch

git checkout <another branch name>

Delete a branch

git branch -d <branch name>

Clone a git

git clone <source_name> <target_name>

List remotes

git remote -v

Check changes in the remote

git fetch

Merge with remote

git merge origin/master

Push your branch to the origin

git push origin <your branch>
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