Got allergy? Your body might be confused.

In a recent study, researchers compared 2,712 uniq allergenic proteins or IgE/IgG4-binding protein, and 70,403 metazoan parasite proteins. Through domain discovery and 3D structure analysis, they identified 2,445 parasite proteins that are very similar to allergenic proteins, which includes mainly the EF-hand domains, Profilin and Expansin. They also idenfied the plant-specific Bet v1 domain, which is highly populated with allergens, in the platyhelminth Schistosoma mansoni. SmBv1L (= Smp_146970), annotated as “Putative phosphatidylcholine transfer protein”, is found to be homologous to the plant birch pollen allergen.

See the original study: Comparisons of Allergenic and Metazoan Parasite Proteins: Allergy the Price of Immunity

See the news report in Science: Got allergies? Blame parasites

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