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Transform static figures to interactive

Interactive visualisation is powerful and getting more popular. Although static images are still major parts in scientific publications, I believe that interactive graphs will become more and more, at least in the online version of publications.

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Although it’s normally editor’s responsibility, we do benifit a lot if we can use them.

Interactive graphs are normally archived through JavaScript libraries, such as D3, Poltly, Highcharts, etc, and render to HTML pages.

Use Javascript

For charts like bar plot, line chart, or even volcano plot, we can use the data directly in JS script. For PCA plot, we can export the pca matrix first, e.g. from DESeq2

pca_data <- plotPCA(data, intgroup=c("conditions"), returnData = TRUE)

or to export Heatmap matrix data, then make a chart.

From R

Using Python

  • Explore data with Pandas
  • Popular plotting module matplotlib
  • or Seaborn
  • or Bokeh

Examples of scientific publications with interactive graphing:

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